Corruption Lab on Ethics, Accountability, and the Rule of Law


Corruption erodes society’s well-being.  It stifles growth, weakens property rights, and diminishes public health and education.  The economic costs of corruption are staggering. A recent estimate put a price tag of $2 trillion on global bribery, close to 2 percent of world GDP.

In addition to harming pocketbooks, corruption grinds down the institutions of democracy. It lessens trust in government, undermines agencies and experts, and distorts the choices of voters.  Research on corruption is crucial, as are teaching and public engagement.  Democracy and self-government depend on it.

CLEAR is designed to conduct this work.  The lab unites a diverse group of scholars who focus squarely on the causes, methods, and consequences of corruption.

The CLEAR Lab is a project of the Democracy Initiative at UVA.